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How To Build Confidence In A Sensitive Child?

Highly sensitive child

Confidence is essential for a sensitive child’s happiness, health and success. They can cope up with peer pressure, frustrations and challenges with a positive impact of confidence. Parents should pay close attention to build confidence in a sensitive child. It’s important to know how to support and nurture the confidence of sensitive children by helping them to navigate the strength and resilience. Here we are sharing the effective strategies and techniques to build confidence in sensitive children. Let’s get into the blog.

Things You Can Do to Build a Child’s Confidence

Highly sensitive child

Here are several strategies you can employ to help foster confidence in children

Understand the needs of Sensitive child

Parents should understand the emotions of their children. Take out time to listen and empathize with their struggles. Always provide a calm and predictable environment to help them feel safe and sound. Understanding can build a strong foundation for your child. Make it clear to your children that we love and care nobody else can do. Avoid harshly criticising. 

Practice Positive talk

Every parent should engage with their children in positive talk. Demonstrate positive self-talk in your life. Make sure you are using phrases like “I can do this” or “I will keep trying”. Teach the child to use positive affirmations that reinforce their abilities and strength. Sensitive children may be prone to negative thoughts and being parents you should challenge the negative thoughts with positive and realistic ones.

Join them in play 

Joining sensitive children in play is the best way to build their confidence and strengthen your bond. Show them their interests and activities which are important. Allow the child to choose the play activity. Sensitive children have specific preferences to feel more comfortable in activities of their choices. Put away the distractions such as phones or other devices and focus on the child and the activity at hand. 

Teach how to set and achieve goals

You should introduce the concept of goals with simple and attainable tasks. Allow the child to experience success early for building their confidence and motivation. Explain how goals provide direction, motivation and sense of purpose. Introduce SMART framework for goal setting which includes:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-Bound

Assist children in breaking down the larger goals into smaller steps. It allows for a sense of progress to create a plan or checklist outlining the steps needed to achieve their goals. 

Make a habit of praising

The more you praise your children the more they get confidence. Praising the kids in the right way can build their self-esteem. Genuine and specific praise focuses more effort than results. Your words matter so refrain yourself from using only phrases like “Keep it up”, “Good Job”, “Excellent”. Try to praise them in a more meaningful way. 

Professional Guidance and Support

We all know how much professional guidance and support is essential for both of you and your sensitive child. It helps to boost their confidence and emotional well-being. Parents should know how to raise a child for professional help. Therapists can provide emotional support, validate their experiences for healthy coping mechanisms to manage their emotions. 

Allow them for age-appropriate choices

Sensitive children should allow age appropriate choices to foster their confidence for decision making skills. Present your child with a wide range of choices as per context. Always begin with smaller choices that have limited consequences. 

It helps to build their decision making skills gradually. Make sure that the options provided are suitable and aligned with age and abilities. They will feel more engaged and invested in the decision making process. 

Discover interests and passions

It’s essential for kids to discover their interests and passions. Pay close attention to the sensitive children’s behaviors, reactions and expressions during activities. 

Engage in conversations and actively listen to their thoughts and ideas. You should expose your child to different experiences such as visiting museums, exploring nature or different hobbies.

Let them surround with Positive People

It’s the duty of every parent to let their child be surrounded by positive and confident people. They should be given strong role models to be in the gathering of positive people. Confident and positive people will encourage them in the way they want to be. Create a nurturing and supportive atmosphere at home. Always encourage open communication, active listening and mutual respect among family members. 

Confidence Building Activities for Children

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Here are some confidence building activities for children

Mirror Box

This activity requires a cardboard box and mirror. All you need to do is to make a hole in one side and place the mirror opposite the side of the hole. Ask the child to look inside the box and tell what he sees. When he sees himself in the mirror, tell them they are looking for the most special person. It’s essential to teach a sensitive child how important your personality is to be more confident. 


Every child should describe themselves positively in a few lines. It will make the children feel acknowledged and boost their confidence. Make sure you have asked your child to make a list of achievements which definitely increases the self-esteem to realize whatever they have dreamt about in life. 

Story Building

Give your sensitive child a storytelling activity. You can set the scene and introduce a challenge or problem that everyone should overcome. It could be anything like solving a mysterious puzzle or missing treasure. Always emphasize on the hero’s qualities and strengths. It helps to recognize and appreciate the positive qualities. 


It’s an essential activity for children to boost confidence. When children bake or cook they engage with multiple ingredients and end results are more satisfied for them. You should encourage your kids by giving them a chance to try out new activities. Need to know about Sleepy Baby learn how to dress.

Final Thoughts

These are the few things we can do to give our kids much confidence in life. They should be encouraged to try new activities and develop new skills. It gives kids the confidence to tackle anything coming in their way. Let your kids discover interests and passions so they can excel in their lives. Always create opportunities for your children. Don’t forget to give them affection, love and confidence.

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