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Fun Games To Play On The Trampoline

Trampoline Games

It’s essential to keep your kids engaged in different activities for child development, coordination and strength. These are favorite fun activities for kids of all ages to play games outdoors. Have you ever had a chance to jump on a trampoline game online? You must have an idea how much it would be fun for you at that time. Games and competitions can take kids and adults skills to the level. Here we are diving into some exciting fun games on the trampoline. Let’s get into the blog.

Bouncing Air Catch

Age Limit: 6+

When one player bounces in the middle of the trampoline while another player is on the ground and throws a ball high over the trampoline. Each ball is caught while jumpering in mid-air. More balls are thrown, the two players trade places. Whoever gets the most points out of total balls will be the winner.

Crack the Egg

Age Limit: 5+

It’s a simple game and needs at least two people to play this. One child curls up in a ball and the other jumps and bounces around to crack the egg. The player is the “egg” and the other players jump up and down to get the egg to release their legs and “crack”. Have each player take a turn being the egg and see who can stay the longest. 

Follow the Leader

Age Limit: 6-14

Follow the Leader Game

It’s a classic game that would be more fun to play outdoors on a trampoline. The main purpose of this game is to promote engagement and learning. It allows children to have fun with such beneficial games. Kids can develop listening skills and physical coordination. 

Play this game with these simple steps:

  • Choose a child to be a leader.
  • Line up other child-sensitive confidence behind the leader.
  • The leader begins moving around and performing various actions. 
  • Mimic the leader’s actions.
  • Pick a new leader to keep the game engaging. 

Name game

Age limit: 10+

Name game

You will need at least three players for this game. Assign a person to be “it”. The “it” player will get the trampoline. The other players will make up new names for themselves. Add an extra word in there to make it more difficult. Next all players enter the trampoline and bounce around. They can roll on their back but not get on their feet. The “it” player will attempt to catch the other players from their position. Once they catch someone, they have to guess their name. In case if they guess correctly that person becomes “it”. If they guess wrong the game continues. 

Trampoline Tramp

Age Limit: 8+

Trampoline Tramp

This game is pretty simple. One does a trick and the other players take turns to copy him. If anyone cannot do the trick the player receives the first letter in the word “tramp”. The player receives the next letter in the word “tramp”. The word can also be shorter for a quick game such as dog or cat.

Trampoline Tag

This game is a variation of the classic game tag but it has several challenges of bouncing on a trampoline. If you don’t know how to play then follow these steps:

  • Choose a player to “it”. The player who is “it” must tag other players to remove them from the game. 
  • Every player has to bounce on the trampoline all the time. They are not allowed to touch the ground.
  • You must make physical contact to tag another player. Only those players are tagged who are in reach of “it.”
  • When a player is tagged they are out and have to leave the trampoline. 
  • When the designated limit is reached or all the players have been tagged game ends. 

Hot Potato

This is a classic version of a hot potato of trampoline. You are required to have a ball or potato to pass around. Play hot potato by following these steps:

  • Players will stand on the trampoline and pass a soft foam ball around the circle while bouncing.
  • Pass the object or ball quickly to avoid being caught when the music stops.
  • Start playing music and let the players pass the ball around the circle while bouncing on the trampoline. 
  • When music stops, the player holding the ball is out for the round. 
  • Game continues when there is only one player left and he will be declared as the winner. 

Bounce Freeze

This is a fun and active trampoline game that is perfect for kids moving and having fun. Add variations for freezing players in certain poses or allow them to jump on foot. Follow certain steps to play bounce freeze:

  • Let all the players jump on the trampoline together and play the music in the background.
  • When the music stops, everyone must freeze and stop jumping.
  • The last one who freezes or the one who falls down is out of the game.
  • Start music and continue playing when only one player left. Last one will be the winner. 

How to Keep Kids Safe While Jumping on a Trampoline Game?

Your kids may have lots of fun while jumping on a trampoline. It’s essential for everyone to stay safe and know all the safety precautions. 

Install Safe Netting

Make sure every trampoline should have safe netting to prevent falls off the edge of the trampoline. 

Follow Weight Limits

Follow the weight limits specified by the manufacturer to avoid overloading trampoline. 

Teach Safe Jumping

Parents should teach kids to jump in the centre of the trampoline and avoid jumping too high to prevent injury. 

Regular Maintenance

Always inspect trampoline regularly to avoid damage and replace worn parts.

Keep the trampoline on level ground

Check the trampoline is on level ground and away from obstacles like power lines or trees. 


These are the games that we have listed to engage kids into fun activities. Trampolines are versatile and encouraging for kids so they can have fun without any interruption. Make sure parents are supervising and keeping an eye on their kids while jumping. 

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