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10 Cute Kids Hairstyle Simple Enough for Any Parent to Understand

Adorable kid girl showcasing simple and cute kids hairstyle while sitting atop a mountain

Mornings can be a whirlwind! Wrangling little ones to get dressed, fueled up, and out the door before the school bell rings often leaves hair care feeling like a secondary mission. No worries, mama! These quick and cute hairstyles can be whipped up in no time, even when you’re running on fumes. Ditch the morning hair meltdowns and keep your mini me rocking stylish (and practical) ‘dos all week long.

1. French braids

Two neatly braided French braids on a child's head, secured with hair ties

A French braid is one of them popular hair style of kids. Many kids hairstyle like to do this hairstyle at various parties. If there are any its very likely so that’s it such a french braid you can do it in diagnol you go across you can I mean there’s a million different ways you can do it now that you have the basic techniques. Whenever I go to a party I do this hair style for my daughter.Now my daughter julia know how to do this hairstyle herself.

Things You’ll Need For French braids

  1. Comb
  2. Hair ties or rubber bands

How to Make

  • Brush your hair to remove any tangles
  • Use a comb to create a part in your hair
  • Hold the left section with your left hand, the right section with your right hand
  • Cross the left section over the middle section or right new middle section
  • Add hair to each section
  • Continue braiding
  • Secure with a hair tie

2. Pretzel braid

A girl showcasing a pretzel braid hairstyle with elegance

Mostly little girls are seen in this hairstyle on wedding occasions.This hair style is very easy to make and it saves a lot of time to attend the wedding. I really like how this hairstyle turned out, and it only took us about 15 minutes. It stayed in place nicely and could also look cute if put into a ponytail or messy bun.

Things You’ll Need For Pretzel Braid

  1. Hairbrush
  2. Hair elastics
  3. Bobby pins
  4. Hairspray

How to Make

  • Wash and condition your hair as usual
  • Use a hairbrush to detangle your hair and ensure it’s smooth and free from knots
  • Use a comb to create a clean and straight part down the center of your head. 
  • Take the top section of your hair on one side and the bottom section on the other side
  • Divide it into two smaller sections.
  • Take the outer section from the top and cross it over the inner section
  • Take the outer section from the bottom and cross it over the inner section
  • Creating a simple two-strand braid
  • Create the pretzel shape

3. Ponytail braids

 Playful ponytail braids adorned with colorful beads on a cheerful child

For little adventurers and playful princesses a like ponytail braids hairstyle offers endless fun Imagine two high ponytails bouncing with every giggle adorned with colorful ribbons or playful beads. Each ponytail can be further braided twisted or adorned with tiny barrettes. Creating a unique masterpiece for every day. This versatile style keeps hair out of faces during playtime while celebrating their vibrant personalities letting imaginations and braids run wild.

Things You’ll Need For Ponytail Braids

  • Comb
  • Hair ties or rubber bands
  • Bobby pins 
  • Styling products 

How to Make

  • Choose where you want the ponytail to sit on your head
  • Create a part in your hair if desired
  • Gather hair for the ponytail
  • Secure with a hair tie
  • Divide the ponytail into sections
  • Begin braiding
  • Combine the braids

4. Braided bun

Neatly braided bun on a girl's head, keeping hair secure and stylish

If you or your little girl have layers in your hair. It can be hard to find a hairstyle that controls fly aways. But these braided buns are great for layers keeping everything neat and secure. I enjoy doing this style on my daughter especially when she’s playing outside or swimming. As it stays in place really well. Kid hairstyles don’t need to be time-consuming and they can suit different hair lengths.

Things You’ll Need For Braided Bun

  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Detangling brush
  • Hair rubber bands
  • Satin hair ribbon
  • Topsy Tail braiding tool

How to Make

  • Brush your hair to remove any tangles
  • Choose where you want the bun to sit on your head
  • Create a part in your hair if desired
  • Gather hair into a ponytail
  • Wrap the braid into a bun
  • Secure with bobby pins
  • Tuck loose ends

5. Headband

A charming girl with double dutch braids adorned with a stylish headband

From playful double dutch braids adorned with bows to chic halo headbands and messy buns with a touch of polish the world of kids hairstyle with headbands is bursting with options Whether you’re aiming for a sweet and stylish look for a special occasion or a practical and playful style for everyday adventures. Let your creativity loose and weave some headband magic into your little one’s mane.

Things You’ll Need For Headband

  1. Decorative headband

How to Make

  • Start with clean detangled hair
  • Choose a headband that is comfortable and complements your outfit
  • Create your base hairstyle
  • Incorporate the headband
  • Twisted headband

6. Pigtail braid

Adorable pigtail braids with colorful ribbons, adding a playful touch to a child's hairstyle

Adorable pigtail braids for kids hairstyle come in endless variations! Opt for simple two strand twists tied with colorful ribbons elevate with Dutch or fishtail braiding or add intricate details like woven ribbon sparkling beads or tiny flowers for a playful touch. From everyday practicality to special occasions.

Things You’ll Need For Pigtail Braid

  1. Hair elastics
  2. Hair clips
  3. Barrettes
  4. Headbands
  5. Hair extensions
  6. Yarn or ribbon
  7. Hairspray

How to Make

  • Detangle your hair for a smooth braiding experience
  • Choose elastics that match your hair color
  • Slightly damp hair can be easier to braid
  • Use a comb or your fingers to part your hair down the middle for classic pigtails
  • Secure the loose sections

7. Fishtail braid

Intricately woven fishtail braid showcasing a unique and stylish hairdo

A fishtail braid is a special way of braiding that looks like fish scales overlapping. The main thing that makes it different from a regular braid is that you use smaller sections of hair from an even part in your hair as you make the braid.

Things You’ll Need For Fishtail braid

  1. Just your hair
  2. Yarn
  3. Embroidery floss
  4. Ribbons
  5. Fishing line

How to Make

  • Slightly damp hair can be easier to braid
  • Apply a small amount of mousse
  • Adds a more casual and asymmetrical look.
  • For a more intricate and elegant style, start with a French braid from the crown of your head 

8. Butterfly buns

 Delightful butterfly bun hairstyle with loops and wings, creating a whimsical look

Butterfly bun hairstyle is a great choice for your child. I enjoy picking hairstyles that suit different seasons and this butterfly style is just right. I know there are other butterfly styles like a butterfly braid and butterfly ponytail but this one is the butterfly bun.

Things You’ll Need For Butterfly Buns

  1. Hair elastics
  2. Bobby pins or hair clips

How to Make

  • Start with dry detangled hair.
  • Gather your hair into two high pigtails.
  • Divide each pigtail into two strands.
  • Cross one strand over the other then tie an elastic band around the base of the X you created.
  • Repeat this step with the other pigtail.
  • Gently pull on the loops of hair to create a wider butterfly shape.
  • Secure the loops with another elastic band.
  • You can adjust the tightness of the buns and the width of the wings to your liking

9. Easy updo

Elegant updo hairstyle with twists and pins for a sophisticated and classic appearance.

Creating updos at home may initially seem challenging but it doesn’t have to be. With the appropriate products, tools and techniques. You can effortlessly recreate a variety of upswept hairstyles. To illustrate this we compiled a list of 15 easy updos that are doable in the comfort of your home.We sought advice from hairstylists to provide expert tips on achieving each look. Whether your hair is curly pin straight long or falls somewhere in between you sure to find a style you adore among the options below.

Things You’ll Need For an Easy Updo

  1. Hair elastics
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Rattail comb
  4. Headband or scarf
  5. Hairpins or barrettes

How to Make

  • Wash and dry your hair for added texture
  • Gather your hair into a high ponytail
  • Start with dry detangled hair
  • Work with dry hair
  • Fishtail Braid Updo

10. Ballerina bun

Graceful ballerina bun adorned with charming ribbons, embodying a timeless and feminine style.

Charming hair ribbons a notable comeback of ballet slippers and the enduring popularity of that soft powder pink hue Balletcore is making a strong return showcasing its timeless appeal. This delicate and girlish style is currently pervasive. Extending its influence to our hairstyles as well.

Things You’ll Need For a Ballerina bun

  1. hairbrush with good bristles
  2. tail comb
  3. Water in a spray bottle
  4. Strong hair gel
  5. Pins for the bun
  6. Hair nets

How to Make

  • You’ll need a brush, comb, hair elastics, bobby pins, and a hair donut
  • Brush your hair back into a high ponytail at the crown of your head
  • Secure the ponytail with a hair elastic
  • Divide your ponytail into two sections
  • Do the same with the other section of hair
  • Tuck any loose ends under the bun and secure them with bobby pins.

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